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!987 Pontiac Build data

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1987 Formula 350 Firebird

PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 10:50 am    Post subject: !987 Pontiac Build data Reply with quote

I have been trying for years....over 20..to find out how many specific color, engine and option were built in 1987 but all the Pontiac Historic and other Pontiac related sites continue to tell me that they know total numbers or Tran Am/ Formula / Firebirds but not how many of each color with ordered engine and options there were built...no build data for 1987. So 1 year out of the entire life of Pontiac they decided to not count how many blue 6 cylinder 5 speed manual with T-tops were built. How many white Trans Am with 5.7 liter engine code B2L with W66 performance package or Yellow Gold with Gunmetal Gray secondary, W66 Performance Package with B2L 5.7 Fi engine, and all the other options I ordered when I was sending order to the Factory ( I was selling Pontiac since 1980 thru 2010) and can't get information so I can prove exact number for bragging rights. Again...I have contacted every Pontiac registry available without success. Some positive feedback would do wonders if there is any. Thanks
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:12 pm    Post subject: Pontiac Numbers Reply with quote

Pontiac's lack of record keeping is next to astounding. And that goes back to day one. It wasn't until 1955 that they even started documenting (at least for public consumption) production by model.

We don't know the entire story of how Pontiac Historical Services came to either own or have access to Pontiac's records such as you are looking for. We know from what we have heard that they are continually extending their data out more and more later years. If so, how far, if at all... we do not really know.

Some of the cars that we see with all sorts of statistics are the work of individuals who one way or another (?) gained access to PMD records through contacts, etc...? With PMD gone now, even that must be near impossible now.

Even if there were documents that one could see (PHS has?), I highly doubt they would break down to colors. Perhaps engines and transmissions at the most. My opinion.

If you have not contacted PHS yet, do so. They are perhaps the last hope of any contact into PMD past records (if any) available today.

Good luck.

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Joined: 30 Jun 2021
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1987 Formula 350 Firebird

PostPosted: Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:23 am    Post subject: Thanks Larry Reply with quote

I started this a bit longer than 20 years ago, actually since the first year of ownership back in 1987 making inquiries with our Pontiac Rep. here in Michigan who represented the Pontiac dealers in the Detroit District. I know that Chevrolet allowed Pontiac to acquire 2000 5.7 liter V8's (B2L) but again, since this has never been documented and I can only go by what the official from Pontiac had shared and somehow a Corporate Entity of General Motors decided they would keep documents when and where they decided. Having been on the selling end of Pontiac for almost 30 years and having asked more questions than General Motors was willing to answer, I can believe Pontiac kept their records in a shoe box, but doubtful.
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