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Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman- making Pontiac Art

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:43 am    Post subject: Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman- making Pontiac Art Reply with quote

For as long as there have been automobiles, there have been advertising and marketing departments figuring out how to capture the imagination of the buying public. Some of the most famous automotive advertising have become sought after works of art.

Perhaps the most famous of all automotive advertising artists are Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman. And, lucky for us Pontiac lovers, some of their greatest successes have been related to Pontiac.

As an automotive designer, Art Fitzpatrick was the first of the team to make the move into advertising illustration. His flair for design was carrried over into the artwork of the cars he represented... beyond photographs they always looked realistic, but somehow much more sexy and exciting. He worked for a number of companies, including Mercury, before Pontiac.

It was Fitzpatrick who saw, and admired, the artwork of Van Kaufman and invited him to join what would become known as the "Fitz and Van" team. As they say: the rest is hiostory."

And what a history they created! From 1959 through 1971 Pontiac featured (at times exclusively) their renderings for ads, billboards, brochures, what ever was needed to sell Pontiac as the most exciting car on the road.

To these two great artists Pontiac owes much of its success. And, we Pontiac hobbyists say "Thanks" for some of the greatest artwork of our favorite cars ever produced.

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